Friday, 11 August 2017

Body balance and body jam...Body exhausted

Good morning

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So I am feeling motivated at the moment ( ok..and a little bit mad )
I have done classes every day this week and its fair to say I feel exhausted  ( in a good way..if thats possible )
one particular day....I had a fab body balance class
...and I thought ( ambitious little so and so...) that I could do the body jam which was running immediately after!!!!
Related imageWell...I have never done body jam before ...and it is quite fast...with lots of left and rights..and arms and legs!!!! 
Nothing wrong with that...I hear you say...
BUT anybody who knows me ..knows that I am going to struggle!!!!
dont know my right from not fab..never done it before....already exhausted!!!
yep..u getting the picture.....
It was a
But ..I will try it again...once I've recovered!!!!
No pain gain...right?
And this is the 5th day in succession that I have got to the gym!...
And I am feeling very motivated....
So must fly... Body balance awaits.....
What ever you're doing...have a fab one 
And remember
be the best you can...
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