Thursday, 23 October 2014

wheres my parcel??

It's not here yet!!!

   I'm guessing/hoping my parcel 
is en route

My parcel should have been here days ago, u'd think it had got to come from the other side of the world.....
errr no!!  it only has to come approx 200 miles.....and considering its already been 4 days since they told me it was en really hould be here.....even if the post man had to walk with it!!!! 
well no time now....places to go, people to see....spose i'l be back on the phone later 
  and u know thats gonna cost a packet (or a )
so i've been to all my places....seen a lot of faces.....
pulled on the drive, just finished my snack, a lovly banana....just pop that skin in the bin, before i go  poet n dont Know it.....lmao
Strange,  whats that??  There's only me that puts anythin in the bin.... there's only me that throws the rubbish away....come to think  of it ?    its only me that do any chores and thats every day!!!  

so when i see a blue plastic bag in the bin, on top of all the household garbage...i am a bit say the least.....and u know what they say....  
Its ok....i'm ok......BUT..Theres more
I now know what happened to my parcel....the stupid delivery man put it in the garbage bin!!!!!   
yep in the post box a postage card.... 
That is the garbage bin u Stupid *******.....where do they get the staff from...oh my dayz!!!!!
luckily i saved it from God knows what....
Cant imagine what the neighbours think....strange parcels being left in the getting parcels out of garbage !!!

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