Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Womans work is..... ( u know the rest )


or does that man i have an extra hour to wait on my husband!!
 To be honest i dont need loadzzzz of sleep and mornings are the best time of the day for me....but that also means that i never benefit from the clocks goin back....cus i wake much the same time evry morning and just have to get up....

* the kitchen avin a nice cuppa
* 6.30..washing machine emptied, another load in,
tidy round, cant put vaccuum on yet every one still in bed.....plenty of other things to do
* 7.30..cuppa for the hubby n a coffee for me   Hes wide awake too.(waitin patiently for his cuppa ) lol
Time for cuppa and some hot cross buns for me n hubby , toasted with loads of butter....
*8.30 time to get ready for rest for the wicked!!
My Daughter and grandaughter will be joining me too  even better

And of course my youngest li'l fella....
all i need now it to get the rest of em to join me and its gonna happen...( well there may b one time!!!)

* 10.30am Mass finished ..sombre in some members of our last Priest ( who i loved dearly ) will be visiting next week to present the church with a chalice that had belonged to our deceased Priest...but also joy at being able to remember grandaughter behaved impeccably ( only 22 months )  my daughter and son ???  Yes they were quite well behaved too
* 11 am Back home tidy round, get some more washing in, make the beds...
( yep hubby waiing patiently!)
* 12pm Time to sort the for food for the brood...load the dishwasher
(yep hubby ready and waiting patiently!!)
* 1pm Off to the shops for an hour, then do the weekly shop....
* 2pm Time to visit the family for an hour...
(hubby too)
* 3pm Home unpack shoppin, get the casserole on for tomorrow because i will be at work....
(hubby waiting patiently...think he needs a cuppa!!!)
* 4.45pm great time to do the paper work!!!!! ( 0n a Sunday ???)
(hubby too )
* 5.30pm Time to sort the food out for the Tea....
(hubby waiting patiently for food)
* 7.00 Nearly done....
* 8.00pm Nice cuppa and a yum yum
(hubby waiting patiently!!!!) lol
* 9.00pm Looking back at my day...all I seemed to have done is eat and drink and wait on Hubby..... ( but he was waiting patiently!!!!!)
* 10pm....time for bed....( hubby waiting patiently) lmao

Work 2moro....Happy dayz.....time for a nice easy day !!!!!   Not

( jokin apart....hubby works every other hour God sends....Sunday is his day of rest....( except when hes golfing !!!!)    

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