Monday, 6 October 2014

Makes me smile....

Tbh ( to b honest ) it makes me lol some days...and every now n then it makes me lmao....n very occasionally i pmsl!!!!!

The weekly shop can be a bit of a chore some times, but u can always rely on the old folk to make u smile....

'' Do u want some of this jam Albert ? ''
'' I don't like spam!!, I've neva liked spam!!! it ent proper meat not like ham...''
'' I said JAM...u deaf old fool....JAM!! turn ye hearing aid on ''
'' Its Tuesday, how come u doin lamb on a Tuesday.?...who's comin round? U neva do lamb on a tuesday!...i hope it ent ye Mother...ers as deaf as a post....''
Grabbin hold of his arm the old woman grabs his arm n faces him....
''Turn ye bloody earin aid on....'' as she mouths each word slowly.
She points to the shelf n says...'' Do u want some of this jam ? ''
'' Well if u'm gonna do a steam puddin with it I will, but doe bother if u ent gonna do one...''
'' we can av it with a bit ov custard after that lamb that u'm gonna do......''

 yummy yummy

Gotta luv em......

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