Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Squirrels and ther nuts!!!

This is so cute.....squirrel hiding his nuts....lol

And whats funnier is when they forget where they put them !!!

''Wheres St Anthony when u need him!''
This li'l sketch puts me in the mind of my boys at home....
They are 13 and 17 and they do NOT like sharing.....but i mean they REALLY do not like sharing!!!!
Except every one elses things!!!!!

''Have u seen my hair gel Mam!!''
''u must of seen it, its not where i left it''
''Do i look like i use hair gel?''   dont answer that
''Mammmmm...i need my gel, bet he's had it again!!''
''He dosnt use gel...''
''Yes he does...he uses mine!!''
ok....he would if he could find it!!!
he eventually appeared with the gel 
Find it did you.....remembered where you hid i ??
Every day he hides it in a different place and every day he forgets where that place is!!!!!  lol

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