Sunday, 19 October 2014

My car is letting in water!!!!

Torrential rain and my 17 year old son wants to go out for a drive ???

3 guesses why???
* he wants to wash his car???   err no
* he wants to storm watch???   err no
* he wants to give gels who havnt got a brolly, a lift???  err no

dosnt take a genius to work out why!!!! if u no my son....

 no what he wants to do is to go round and find every deep puddle he can find...and splash anyone who happens to be in the vicinity

couple of days later....
''Y is there puddles of water in my car Mam??? i think its lettin in water''
''Really, how strange!!!''
''what do u mean, how cum waters gettin in!!!''
''U really have no idea'' 
''I wouldnt ask if i knew!!!''  Hes gettin aggitated now!!!
''Might av something to do with the puddles u was in the other night''
''wotttt pud...........''
smirk on face...realisation....penny dropped
''Yessss  that puddddle, if u go round gettin in 6 feet deep puddles ( slight exaggeration) then yes u r gonna av puddles u loonatic!!!'' i told him knowingly
It is a car NOT a bloody boat!!!!   lmao

needs draining out i think Sir !!!!   Just gotta luv my son.
Just I of many reasons i dont let him drive my car
But never fear he's got a plan!!!

not a bad idea son

another good idea son

 yep to add insult to injury he decides to suck the water up with my household vaccuum cleaner!!!!! You can not b serious......



So it was just too much for him.....because my son was so very dim....
my loyal vaccuum is now in bits!!!!!! seperated n broken, 
now my home really is the PITS!!!!!

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