Tuesday, 3 March 2015

#Thank The Lord.....This black mood is finally lifting

Moody Blues

Like most women I am a moody bitch at certain times ( with good reason )  
But this last episode of pure anger, hopelessness, displeasure, annoyance, fury, outrage etc ( u get the picture ) has lasted about a week, seems like a year, ( and yes this is unusual for me )

So imagine my delight this morning when i woke, and skipped ( yes skipped ) down the stairs to do the breakfasts for the men....( ok...ok...quick walk....well what ever it was, I had a spring in my step )
  So long may it continue...wsh me luck...
So I am off to do a bt f shopping and mayb a little C..... Costa  ( u thought I was gonna say Chardonnay ...may b later )
Have a great day

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