Friday, 13 March 2015

#random information...#Dont believe everything you hear

My beautiful daughter is an intelligent kind caring person
who just happens to be very keen on wildlife ( not Wild Life!! )
She is also very Knowledgeable about nature etc

To say I am very blessed is an understatement

But I, unlike my daughter,  know nothing about wildlife, nature, what things are called etc   except to say that it is very beautiful.

So when my daughter informed me about 15 years ago that a certain little brown bird,  that visited our feeder,  was a female robin,  ( I always thought they were the both red I told her... )
.' no the female is brown
 O.K. I had no reason to disbelieve her.
After all she is very knowledgeable  

So imagine my surprise when she informed me only the other day 
' actually Mam, you were right all those years ago, a female and a male robin look the same !!!!! '

Not bad enough that i just believed it, but i have also very smugly passed this information onto others over the last 15 years!!!!           ( trying to appear clever !!! )

So they are either all going through life thinking that a female robin is brown  OR  they think I'm a bloody lunatic!!!!!
Thanks Hun.....

The moral to this story is ?????
Dont believe every thing people tell you...( check it out before you repeat it !!! )

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