Monday, 23 March 2015

i can definitly say that was not what they expected!!!

I might not be goin to any more yoga classes!!!!
Dont misunderstand me
Its not because I dont want to you see
But i forgot to turn off my phone
and in the middle of the meditation zone..
that sound in a yoga class has neva been known  ( til today!!!)


Find your happy place...find your safe place...feel your breath in and out of your body...relax relax get the drift....
Arghhhh   my phone roared into life!!
To say i was mortified is an understatemrnt as we were all catapulted back into NOW

I think its fair to say we all nearly jumped out of our skins and our breathing was not steady and i think i was the most shocked? horrified? shattered/  ( all of them )
I dont think I was the most popular student in the class!!!!
Always expect the unexpected  and most of all be prepared!!!!

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