Monday, 23 March 2015

not as good as what i'd hoped

a new me...
well that was the plan at the beginning of the year....but to be fair, its been a bit sluggish
       I'm still persevering ( or perspiring!! )  but its not easy !!!

last couple of weeks have seen me trying to reduce the amount that I eat
drink more water

and also trying out new classes....Zumba for the beginner....and Yoga  ( which is not easy )
and to say im knakered is an understatement !!!!
Its not just the tired feeling, its the ability to recover. or not!!!  it seems to be taking for eva.
Aching isnt the word!!
may be im expecting too much too soon....may b I need to take things a lil more slowly...
routine is another problem...I havnt got one
I need to be more stric on myself....get a regular training routine going 
so I think i got all the information
I just need to put it into action

Which is not easy when my 13 year old made a beautiful cheesecake at school....THANX son !!!!   ( yummy )

So if you, like me are trying to be fitter and better, keep up the good work....well done you 

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