Thursday, 6 April 2017

Switchboard mayhem

so I have done my 1st training day in my new job!!!!
And its running like clock work....
Image result for switchboard mayhem cartoon
Yeah right!!!!   when the other gels do it...may be
Lol...looks more like...   when I do it...

Image result for switchboard operator mistake cartoonImage result for switchboard cartoon
On the positive side....the company is very professional and every one is really friendly and encouraging
'You'll be fine'
'Your a natural'
'You've got it now'
And they think I'm gonna be ready to do my 1st day alone in a fortnight!!!!! 


Image result for too many phone calls cartoon

just popping you on hold... 
OOOOPPPSSS moment....I cut the President off!!!
( Help!!! )

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