Wednesday, 12 April 2017

stressinhell today

needed some serious deep breathing today at my new job...but that wasnt happening 
phone calls after the other..
breath??   no time to recover...
to say I was glad to get in my car and go home today,  is probably an understatement

the reception was a hive of activity with every man
 ( and his dog!!!)
Every man and his dog. An idiom meaning 'extremely crowded' or 'A lot of people' .

Related imagecoming to say their farewells to the lovly lady that I am taking over from
hugs and kissess...
cards and flowers...
chocoates and more flowers...
and trying to gen up on all the things I need to know for the 1st day on my own was near impossible!!!
Wow...she is gonna be a hard act to follow
God give me strength and patience ( and anything else you think I will need )Tuesday

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