Sunday, 30 April 2017

a day in the amazing journey that is life

what a full day its been
(fotos by chardonnay 30/4/17)
 full of the most amazing experiences..       
(fotos by chardonnay 30/4/17)
shared by my other half...
( which is really unusual because hes usually busy with his golf or work )
and it didnt cost a fortune...well it didnt cost a penny to be exact
we explored the beautiful world that we are so fortunate to live in
well a very minute part of it
the wind blew in our faces as we experienced the beauty that is spring
nature at its most amazing
birds singing and calling out to each other overhead
 as we walked beneath the trees full to bursting with new life
ducks diving under water for fish..
carrying twigs to complete their new nests
and to await their new babies
riches that can not be bought ....full of natures treasures
we just need to leave ourselves open to this amazing journey that is life
(fotos by chardonnay 30/4/17)
a new and unique journey evey day
ending the day with a sweet exhaustion
and still yearning for more...
thank the blessed Lord for it
feeling blessed and fortunate

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