Monday, 10 April 2017

still training

so this is the 2nd week of training for my new job...Image result for new job

well ...may be not tomorrow!!!!!  
cus its fair to still confused!!!  lol
with each new job...comes new challenges..lovin it

Even clocking in sometimes is a challenge!!!Related image

( especially when you havnt got body balance...but you have got The Menopause ) body imbalance comes to mind!!!!
God help me.....
The cardigans on...the cardigans off....
I open the door..I shut the door...     Image result for dreaded menopause cartoon
And my 1st day on my own is only 5 days away!!!!!
It will be fine....( they keep saying....) Related image
( on the positive seems a lovly professional company to work for...onwards and upwards )

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