Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mini Reunion..very special

So I have a get 2getha with my oldest frend today..

When i use the term Mini i mean in the amount of people who will b at this reunion....just me n you....

Like many old dear frends, we  can go for days, months, and yes even years without seeing each other.
Meetin up is always so comfortable....as if we were only together yesterday......
A freind that you can discuss your deepest fears with ( and listen to theirs )
Tell your deepest secrets to ( and know that it will go no further )
Laugh and cry !!!!   together ( and not feel weird )
And know that if it is many years til we next meet, that they will always b there, at the end of the phone, ready to pick up where we left off ....accompanied by some nice refreshments!!!!!

So without doubt that means non stop chat for the entire date....which more often than not can be in excess of 4 hours...so a good suply of Costa or Chardonnay is a must
So its been 12 months since i last saw my old frend.....previously it has been as long as 3/4 years....
Catching up on the last year events and gossip is a must.....
Which always begins with a good old hug.....

''No way!!!''

 ''U can not b serious''
Who wud av thought!!!!!!!
we chatted over old camp fire stories that we never seem to tire of.
Now that always causes a chuckle!!!!!
Our date came to an end all too soon..... and all that was left was to say our goodbyes.and promise not to leave it as long again....
A hug and she was gone
And yes although we have obviously both changed in different ways over the last 30 or so years.....we are still undoubtably those same old frends from yesteryear......

Thank The Blessed Lord for my old frend  


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