Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Judgement Day!!!!!

So its been 3 months and judgement day is looming!!!!!

I've surprised 50 plus i not only got a second interview but i actually got the job!!!!  and 3 months later and i'm still here!!!
Some people might say more by luck than judgement  ( yes I've given them quite a few chances  lol )
Seriously....I knew attempting a new career at my age, was never going to be easy and i really had no idea just how hard it was going to be.

So from being my own boss, coming and going as i pleased, no-one to answer to, Costas when ever i wanted, etc to;
Having to stick to a timetable...( on a short day, only havin 15 mins break...i usually spend at least 45 mins with a costa!!!! )
Being told what to do
Being told what to wear
Being told what to say
Working for peanuts
Having to learn everything about the product    
Being shunted from one desk to another
An hour drive either end of my shift
Working with gels younger than my children ( i feel like the oldest fossil on the planet )  
Being told what to do by kids fresh out of primary school!!! say i'm shocked that I am still here is an understatement....

''Why are you doing it? ''
Well seriously i dont know!!!
Call it the last stand   or    midlife crisis     or    just mayb to see      if i am past it....who knows....mayb I've just gone senile!!!!

But it could all go T*Ts up next week.....this is when I get summoned to see the big as they can tell me what I've been doing wrong AND what I can do about it!!!!
Orrrrrrr......I could tell them what I think.....
An hoor and a half lunch break ( thats only fair )
A company car....
An office of my own
Allowed to wear what I want

Wish me Luck !!!!!!!   ( if all of a sudden you see loads more bloggs....u'll know I sacked em !!!!!)    xx

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