Sunday, 9 November 2014

A tribute to my Dad....Remembrance day

So It's Remembrance day and also100 years since the beginning of the 1st World War.
I am reposting this as a tribute to my dear old Dad who served in Burma in the 2nd world War and was one of the lucky ones who survived.....( and sadly passed away in 1990 )   x

A bit about the Gentleman that is my Dad.....

He was the eldest of 3 boys and a a sister who died in infancy.....1926 was the year that saw the arrival of this amazin man who i am proud to say was my Dad.....he was bought up in a quite strict family, to have manners and respect for his parents and any one who was older than himself.  He was quite a sight to behold by all accounts ( I was once told by a lady who knew him from going to the same dances, that he was the most hansome man in the dance, and that it wasnt only her who thought so.) His first wife was from an Irish imigrant family, as was his family a generation or 2 before.......which meant that she was as wild and fiery as he was, and a good match for his fiery temper, resulting in them fighting often, mostly between themselves!!!!   He was a good dancer, as was she, and they cut a very hansome sight on the floor.  When they were'nt on the dance floor they woud be seen roaring round on an Ariel motorcycle. At this time in his life, you really wouldnt want to get on the wrong side of my Dad, and it wasnt unheard of for people to cross over on to the other side of the road to avoid him...(please do not misunderstand me, he was not a bully, he was a sociable kind man, but would not put up with being S**t on or messed around.(this could of been after his time in the army, or may b he was just born like it,  who knows, but one thing for sure he would never do someone a bad turn if he couldnt do them agood one )

I wasnt around at the time of his first marriage so cannot speak from personal experience but people say his temper was a lot worse after he came back from serving in Burma during the 2nd world war as a Chindit ). Who Knows....only him!!!

  But sadly his marriage ended in divorce, which was soon followed by his x leaving the area and taking my half sister and brother to live about 120 miles away, which meant he did not see them, and i dont suppose that did anything to improve his temper.  Something which i dont think he ever forgave his x for.

Sadly i did not know this strong confident man, by the time i was born he would be late in his 30's and had quietened down somewhat.. ( I did say somewhat !!! )

 Staffordshire Knot    

So my poor old Dad was not very lucky in love.We ( my sister and I ) were the result of his second marriage, which was to my Mam.  Even though my Dad treated her like a princess, and worked 24/7 to give her everythin she was never going to be wild Mam wanted to Party!!!! so this marriage didnt fare any better than his first, his marriage to my mam only lasted about 3/4 years!and i have to admit was all my Mams fault...bless her.)

Some of the things i remember about him was his cars...weird that even tho i was a child...probably under 10, i can remember he had a blue Wolsey and that it had pull down tables in the back of the front seats....i remember thinking it was really cool when he picked us up on a Sunday to take us out, he would turn up in this massive motor....funny thing they dont seem that big made me feel like i was special



Another of my dads motors was a Zephyr 6...dont ask how i remember, cuz i dont know ,  but i also remember it was green... can see it was very long n very fancy......n i thought it was the bees knees     
He would pick us up from my Mams on a Sunday morning n drop us back at 6 on a Suday t-time.
Quite often we'd call n pik up my Grannie  ( on my Dads side ) then go to the common....we had many happy days spent running round the common on sunny and quite often rainy days too.....
where we'd run n play hide n seek...n other games while Grannie watched on, we alway had an ice-cream  ( i cant remember what we had, but i do remember my Grannie always had a 'shell' ) 
 happy dayz
Part 2 to come !!!!!!

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