Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bazzaar what our brain remembers!!!!

Strange memories.....and whats even stranger is that they can be woken at the most unexpected time

I can remember being one of the children in school who had very little by way of clothes and toys etc
I cant really remember what age i would of been but i'm guessing about 7 years.
Strangely enough i cant ever remember this bothering me too much, I had a strong personality....and i could speak up for myself... I was in the tufty club!!! 
Sure i can remember thinking how all the other kids ( especially the girls ) looked, clean, pressed clothes, nice coats and shoes. Their hair was clean tied back with a nice ribbon or clip....but no cant remember it bothering me
Hell...i even used to stand in the cloakroom at home time and help all the li'l posh kidz put on their coats and help em button em up...well that was the closest i was ever gonna get to a new coat!!! lol
The teachers used to tell my Mam i was like a little mother to all the rest of the kidz.....home from home  (i would look after my siblings at home so why should school be any different )

So when you are all grown up with grown up kids of your own, the last thing you expect to be reminded of is a wollen skirt and junper you once wore.
But sure enough, whilst browsing in the art and craft section of beatties one day, i was met with a very familiar sight...a blast from the was the weirdest feeling....the strangest sensation...not scary at all....suprisingly happy and proud
....It was an old fashioned knitting pattern of a pleated skirt and jumper with scotty dogs on....
This memory was from along time ago...... from inside a box where the lid had been shut and locked for more years than i care to remember  

I could only of been 4 and i'm guessing i was still living with both my Mam and Dad and brother and beautiful younger sister.  I remember clearly that we had matching ones just different colours, and that they were skillfully and lovingly knitted by my Mam, ( this was would of been before her wild side got itchy feet again)And yes it made me smile....I remembered how the soft baby wool felt, how it fitted snugly, and how it felt warm....or may be this was one of the few times in my life that i actually felt loved and safe......Hey...who knows......may b just my memory playing tricks on me

Wow all this from an old Pattern......

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