Tuesday, 21 March 2017

wow..roller coaster of a week...it started with a kiss

It started with a kiss.....well no not really.... it started with a CV
and that was a week ago....
Related image( I saw a nice li'l part time position advertised and quickly sent my cv across) not really expecting a reply
but a li'l later that day  I recieved a call inviting me to an interview with the recruitment agency
  ( yeah thats kind of what I thought...a ploy to get another member on their books )
And the inerview was arranged for the same day!!!   I was in shock
For all intents and purposes it seemed a very positive meeting...staff were all really friendly 
They assured me they would be in touch.. ( i didnt hold my breath )
It was about 3 days after when I got another call from the agency saying they had secured me an interview with the company!!  Yes once again I was in shock...deeper shock!!
She advised me to research the company and prep well ( which I did)
I was the 1st on the list for interview...9am...I arrived at 8.30!!! ( well Id been up since 3am!! )
waited outside for a while ( didnt want to appear over eager!! lol )
Once again the interview went very well ...had a really good rapport with the company receptionist ( which would be the position I would be sharing)
And things just seemed to get better...meeting with PA  seemed very positive ( I didnt want to hope for too much and told myself... 'It was good practice to have lots of interviews... even if I didnt get the job!!'
She said she had interviews all day and also one next week.....
I came out and sighed a big sigh of relief... I did my best and its now in the lap of the Gods
Image result for they offered me the job job cartoonThe recruitment agency contacted me to ask how it went   and I assured them I'd done my best...
So yes long weekend .. wandering...doubting...planning..
And as promised I was contacted on the Monday...
Imagine my surprise...shock...amazement...excitement when she told me they wanted to offer me the job..... I couldnt stop thanking the woman from the agency...who assured me how very pleased they were too have me on board  ( well you could of knocked me down with a feather )
I feel very humbled to have the chance at another job at my age (54)
so needless to say lots of prayers offered today ( as always)

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