Monday, 13 March 2017

what is going on....

well you might well ask!!!
since I've had no job...there's just been a catalogue of ailments..
Image result for back pain cartoon
  • severe 48 hour sickness bug
  • closely followed by a really bad head cold which quickly materialised into full blown sneezes..sore throat...aches ( yep nearly man flu )
And there's more....

  • now I've done my back in... arghhhhh

and believe me trying not to sneeze cuz it cripples my back not easy!!!

Well it must be my body telling me I need a rest...well its not happening..I ent got time to rest..I'm too busy living
And lets face it I would have still had to go to work

So this morning... I hobbled into my beloved #les mills body balance class
And yes as you might guess... as soon as you start down dog and up dog...the nose begins to run!!!!
( yes I know..too much information )  and sneezing at my age ( when trying not too ) is no mean task !!!!!
Image result for yoga with a runny nose cartoon

well to cut a long story short, I finished the class ( in a fashion ) 
And hopefully it will have done some good...

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