Thursday, 2 March 2017

body balance? Body exhaustion!!!

When I come out of my body balance class I usually feel great.... of course I feel like I've worked ( no pain No gain.. )
But I feel like I am improving and getting better etc
Up until now I have been doing 2 classes a week ( both morning classes )
So for the last 2 weeks I have done 3 extra class is an evening class !!!
well boy do I feel the difference...I dont know wether its because its an evening class or because its an extra class ( or mayb a combination of both )
But last night...I came out and I wasnt just exhausted but also my stretches and positions were rubbish ( to be honest )
there were other factors too....I had been shopping all day.... 
And there's more
 I know I am a morning person....
My goal for this year is to really improve
Wish me luck

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