Saturday, 25 March 2017

Yoga goal ...

i am enjoying yoga so much...even though it isvery early days yet..
I am so passionate aboutImage result for yoga..forehead on knees
 getting balances..stretches..balances..correct
even though some are really tough
even simple stuff like the above position ( seated forward bend )
I could not get my forehead anywhere near my knees 12 months ago... i have improved but there is room for so much more improvement...
through listening to my instructor and following people on line I have picked up several really good tips...
  • breath..always a good idea ...into the stretch
  • relax...try to release any tension
  • some times are better than others...
  • dont compete with others..everyone is different
  • left n right side of body can be different... eg you may be more stretchy on left than right
I will keep trying....Image result for yoga stretches

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