Monday, 20 March 2017

my body balance journey....and aims

Image result for rubbish yoga position cartoonI absolutely love my #lesmilllbodybalance class...which I think is obvious 
( because I don't shut up about it )
and I have probably been doing it regularly for about 18 months or so...
Its fair to say that when I started I was pretty rubbish... 
and I never thought I would get any better,
well the truth of the matter is that YES I have improved ( not good by any stretch of the imagination...pardon the pun!!! )
And yes there is miles of improvement to go..
But what I have seen  ( and felt ) is a real improvement in my personal journey
I feel stronger, more flexible, healthier, and funnily enough more positive...

Related imageI have actually just conquered the Bird....and I didnt think I would ever be able to   after a few mishaps

My aim too continue to improve my personal goals....

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