Thursday, 2 February 2017

when you just know

So its been 3 days this week at my new job...and this is the end of my 2nd week!!!
to be perfectly honest, I dont know how I lasted this long....
And there's more
Yesterday was my 1st day visiting the patients at home on my own... and yes its fair to say its not my 'cup of tea' (another one of my sayings..... an example of an english idiom... If something is not your cup of tea, you don't like it or you are not interested in it. )
And there's more....according to my boss, yesterday was an easy day!!!!  should get an early finish.... 'errr no'
( depends if you are prepared to go in/out without spending any time with these vunerable people I suppose )
Image result for a smile costs nothingThese dear, mainly old people just want the same as the rest of us...a little bit of company, and compassion, someone to be kind to them and give them a little bit of time, a smile.... this job definitly does not allow for that.... 
so a visit that should take 15 mins at most ( as suggested by my boss) is taking me over 30 that dosnt take much calculating to see why I had a late day!!!

so the time has come to make a decision.... 

  • do I need this job financially/for personal reasons
  • do I need the stress
  • realisitically am I going to get the training that i have been promised..or should i accept the truth that it is too late to train for a new career
  • should I give it it a longer trial
  • am I ever going to enjoy this type of job
  • am I going to regret giving up too soon
  • what am I trying to prove to myelf
  • No time to do the things I love doing..cycling/fitness classes... mainly because Im nakered ( emotionally mostly )
So many decisions... and to top it off I have a really bad head cold..( and no I wouldnt dream of saying Ive got it from one of my lovly patients  Image result for emoji faces wink

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