Friday, 24 February 2017

liquorice/ that is weird

if theres one thing i find disgusting its the smell and taste of liquorice/aniseed

dont get me wrong I know some people absolutely love it.... my dear old Dad for one....when he was alive he liked nothing more than a nice stick of the black stuff!!!    but just the smell would have me  'running for the hills '

run for the hills
Image result for running for the hills cartoon
1. To move to higher ground, as in preparation for or in response to a natural disaster. There are bound to be tidalwaves after an earthquake like that. We'd better run for the hills!   )

Ok     maybe thats a bit extreme...but i'm sure u get the idea
well the thing is all morning thats all I can smell...
no I havnt bought any liquorice candles or air spray!!! 
So things that I've had for ages now appear to smell like  liquorice....the cleaning products !!!  which I thought may be was just me.....
And there's more.... the food I ate!!!!
And there's more.... then the shampoo
And there's more.... the conditioner!!!
prior to today I have used these many times and they definitely did not smell like that...I loved the smell of them
how strange...
Image result for spiritual images of healingIf this is divine intervention and you are trying to tell me your still around Dad....could you please try the tabacco smell next time or even the SNUFF!!!!

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