Saturday, 11 February 2017

long time no blog....body balance

more time.. but weirdly blogs...go figure ????

So this is a review on my body balance class..

And I guess I could blame them for not having time to blog....but...I'd be lying!!!

I do a class twice a is a Les Mills class  ...and I absolutely love them

Yes course I feel exhausted because I do push myself.... but no pain no gain.....and these are the gains....

benefits I feel I get  
  • stronger
  • leaner
  • more supple
  • more flexible
  • fitter
  • improved balance
  • better core strength
  • more relaxed
they are suitable for all ages and all fitness levels... as you work to your own level and of course you see improvementsall the time

i have definitley seen improvements especially my flexibility and balance

In the beginning I thought I'll never get better...but I have and I intend to stick at it and get even better

The best I can possibly be...

and lets face it ...we owe it to ourselves to be the best we canImage result for be the best you can be

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