Friday, 3 February 2017 was not going to last

I think its fair to say that I knew the new job was not going to be for me!!!
Right from day one..I found it very stressful, shocking, heart breaking..
And yes , as the week went on it got marginally better, but it was painfully obvious to see, it was not going to be for me....
I gave it 2 weeks ...and that was enough...more than enough...
Of course I am disappointed in myself , I was sure I could do it...but having no experience of this type of work could I possibly know....went in blind
Image result for head in the sandAnd boy did I get my eyes opened!!!!!
 ( didnt need to know my destiny!!! )
I definitly prefer to bury my head in the sand 

My heart goes out to those that can do this job...Saints I would call them

So as they say...Another one bites the dust!!!!

so its back to the drawing board ... cv's at the ready

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