Saturday, 19 November 2016

body balance.....stretchy stuff

Body balance challenge ......

Yep I know what the picture sais...  ' leaves you feeling calm and centered '  Image result for centered and calm cartoon

Image result for les mills body balance

I have been doing body balance for about 12 months....twice a week....I wish I was doing it more !!!

I absolutley love it.... but it is so so tough!!!

when I say to people that i do a body balance class... the reply can often be

'oh that stretchy class?'

well yes, it is a stretchy class, but also so much more
to be honest, when I first decided to have a go I did think it was probably going to be one of the easierImage result for assumed smiley
well you know what they say about assumption !!!!
Oh my.... 
of course it can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be..... you work to where you feel comfortable
but that was never going to be my goal .....everything in life is a challenge for me, including this!!!
I push myself to the limit and I love it..I come out of the class feeling like I not only have really challenged myself but also feeling accomplished..that I did my best.. better than when I went in, and lets face it we cant ask for much more
result being, I feel stronger, fitter, more flexible, improved balance, and yes calmer and less stressed (especially when I do a class when I am under a lot of stress...without a doubt )
I am currently following Image result for les mills body balance
did i mention that we have two fantastic motivating, passionate teachers...  thank you x
I will update this blog and let you know how it goes..... wish me luck   Image result for kiss emoticon

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