Sunday, 20 November 2016

sundays can be strange

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if you are anything like me, you probably wait all week for Sunday to come around...not that I particularly like Sundays....its a strange kind of a day...time drags for most of it..then you blink and its gone...a meal takes all day to do on a Sunday ???  

so its the day I plan to get all those long awaited chores done... Image result for planning emoji

beds changed... cupboards tidied.... cooked breakfast... ready myself for Monday

pfttttt    and just like all bad rarely happens   especially during the winter months
( to be fair, nothing gets done in the spring /summer months because I just love being outdoors ) Image result for sunny emoji

sure I get some things done...but I invariably feel down because I'm stuck mood gets grey like the weather and I get annoyed with myself because I didn't plan something more exciting to do...
and yes Monday is looming and the week starts all over again!!!!!Image result for sunny emoji

so nothing else to do but plan what i will do next Sunday...and I will definitely plan something more interesting?????   
 ha ha.... I tell myself ......    Related image

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