Monday, 21 November 2016

Life is full of ups and downs....

And that just my moods.....Image result for red sad smiley face

Most days I am full of the joys of spring... I try to be positive and I give out loads of similar advice !!!

Let things go over your head
Dont sorround yeself with negative people/situations
Look for the positive in every situation
You will find the good if you look for it
look at your blessings...not just at every one elses.......

Image result for black sad smiley face
But as a woman every now and then it a black cloud...yes i'm sure your all familiar with it.....the red mist...
Image result for black sad smiley faceImage result for confused angry smiley face
well its one of those days or should I say one of those weeks, all of the above in reverse...negative thoughts..nothing going over my head....taking everything personally...AND THEN SOME !!!
God help me cus at this rate I'm gonna have no frends...and no family!!!!
And you would think at 50 something I would be well rid of the dreaded demon

And the strangest thing is know and I know that nothing is any different to what it was last week !!!!
All prayers greatfully accepted


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