Saturday, 26 November 2016

a kind deed can be beautiful for the giver as well as the receiver

I'm guessing we all have bad days.... bad weeks....bad months and sometimes these bad times can last a whole lot longer....and i certainly know how it feels when someone does something kind, unexpected, out of the blue that makes you smile.....
Even if its just for a short while... to feel like you are not alone and that someone actually how amazing
And whats even more amazing is that for that person who is being kind the feeling is equally amazing..the feeling of being responsible for making another human being smile, or feel less wretched is awesome.... 

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So if we all take the opportunity to be kinder to others than is actually necessary .... even if all we can do is smile or offer a few kind words...or even just listen... then possibly we can all feel a little more awesome

Be awesome today

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