Wednesday, 2 November 2016

When a golden heart stops beating

I love 99% of the people that I meet in my job  ( well there's always that 1% !!!  )
Seriously there great.  And usually while there waiting for the appointment they tell me a little about themselves
So over the last 18 months that I have been in my job I have heard quite a few stories...and some of the px come back every 6-8 I get to know their life story .......
Take today....I'll call her my Frend...(cus truthfully I talk to em more than I talk to my frends )  lost her husband a while back...married for 50 years....(That's a life time for some)  she said
'I spose for sum they might be glad to b rid of em !!!!  But not me...he was my soul Frend...been togetha since we was teenagers'
She told me how he told her he wouldn't leave her and how she feels he hasn't...she tells him all about her day and what she's done...
'Bet ye think I'm mad don't ye ? ' she asks me
No I don't think you're mad....  I think u miss your soul mate very much indeed
( excuse the blog type....done on mobile x )

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