Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New Years Resolution...spurred on by my husband

Is it too late to begin a new years resolution???
Funny thing ...I've ben spurred on to make this new years resolution because my husband has suffered from a really bad back
Bless him...he's a real just the fact that he has been out of action for a couple of weeks has mentally destroyed him, not to mention the physical excrusiating pain hes been in.

Over the 30 years we have been married i have never known him too actualy take time off due to ill health, sure he's been ill, it would be a miracle if over 30 years he hadnt been, occasional colds, several bouts of back problems, some quite bad cuts and a very severely sprained ankle...mainly the result of hard work and an over whelming desire to improve his empire  ( which he has been working his guts at since hes been about 12 years old...but thats another story )
So what is it...this new years resolution..I hear u ask ????

Obviously to be fitter...but not just that!!!   no i am goin to learn how to do yogaaaaaa.  
Yep I'm gonna b fit n flexible n healthy  n live to b well over 100  ( hopefully )  lol...well thats the plan
I've always been interested in yoga, but in a kind of half hearted way.  But afer trying almost everything else ( except for surgery ) my husbands back was no better!!! So i suggested stretching and that transpired into a few yoga stretches ( and a few fits of laughter, n I think that helped ) and wether by luck or judgement, they really seemed to be helping, which set me thinking that we could all benefit from being more flexible.

If i dont blog for a while....u wil no i have got myself into a knot...n cant get out!!!!   lmao


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