Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fussy squirrels

My once grateful furry squirrels have turned into fussy feeder!!!!

 I aways put some food out for the many critters that visit my garden...and if we are having some toast they get some too.....well they used to like it ....
So you can imagine my suprise this morning when i thought because we had had our first snow fall of the year i would put a few more slices of toast out ( well there is 4 of them!!! )

They soon smelt it and came bouncing over....but to my surprise they just sniffed it and went...but when i put a few bourbon biscuits out they were back!!!!   took the biscuits and went......
They were soon back sniffing around...turning their noses up at the toast......but reluctantly they decided to have he toast as well!!!!!

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