Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bizarre....yes thats the right word..outlandish, eccentric!!!!

The longer I know myself the more I realise how ' Bizarre ' I am.

( and u no wot...i didnt think 'bizarre' was spelt like that!!!! Bazarre...WTF!!! lol ) 

 Just take the humble Bacon and Egg sarnie....most of us like it cooked in a cetain way, right?
Crispy bacon...egg thats cooked with the white crispy on the edges but still yolky...on a good quality granary bread/pannini/cob.....mmmmm now thats what I'm talking about 

But this is where eit gets past Bizarre....Ludicrous even....
I prefer to cook it myself....( no not that!! )
The bread has to be buttered....( nothing unusual Bout that I hear u say )  then the egg needs to go next, pipping hot to melt the butter, break the egg so as the yolk runs all out, then HP brown sauce, which in turn makes the sauce HOT, then the bacon still sizzling, straight from the pan......job dun.....washed down with a nice hot cup of  perfectly made PG Tips....ahhhhhh 

Somehow I dont think I'd get it quite like that from a cafe....( and I have the cheek to call others FUSSY!!!! )

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