Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Crisp Sandwich

We were reared on these li'l savouries....( on a good week !! )
so the good old crisp butty is having a revival....yep every where i've been this week, Radio, TV, On line...I've heard people debating over this li'l snack.....
I wasnt surprised to discover that some people have never tried one.  But I was surprised to hear of some of the variations of it ....proper gourmet style!!!!
 Apparently there is even a shop which specialises in crisp sandich Belfast....reportedly selling out within 2 hours of opening!!!!   
Wow...who would of thought.....
varieties now include: granary bread, pannini, ciabatta, seeded, wraps, toasted sandwich, ( not at the top of my list, cuz u miss the crispiness of the crisp if its on toast !!!   lol ) its endless tho....try it with cheese and onion....mmmmm
Well I for one will be sampling all of

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