Wednesday, 10 May 2017

funny kind of week

beautiful spring morning...and I'm wide awake at 3am
which allows me time to ponder on the last couple of weeks....
its fair to say that they have been full of mixed emotions...
good ..bad..and in between

new jobs tend to do this to me...I get stressed and cant sleep
which inevitably leaves me a bit fragile and emotional

     (photo by Chardonnay)  

then add another adorable  grandchild into the mix...
and the emotional roller coaster speeds up...

and just for good measure...7 family birthdays in the last 2 months!!!
emotional roller coaster overload... but in a nice way                                                                                                                   

and there's more.....3 bank holidays    

and its at these times that my past always has a way of seeping into my thought path...

needless to say it also reminds me of how truly blessed I am...
and that each individual blog is just a fraction of my very beautiful life
                                            ( photo by Chardonnay  )                                               
Thank the Lord for my life

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