Tuesday, 9 May 2017

how do they see through my veil...

sure I drive a nice car
Related imagesure I live in a nice house
in a desirable area... with good schools not too far
yeah Ive been blessed with a half decent brain
    how can they see through my veil ...its just insane

but I know without a doubt what they see...
the old me...
they think 
'she shudnt be in that car'
must be stolen..must be on finance
its plain to see..from the way they stare at me
    how do they see through behind the veil...its insane  

why is it so hard to leave the horrors of our upbringing behind
that dirty smelly scruffy vagabond that was me
the only memories that never seem to leave my mind
remembering you were that child...the ones NICE kids avoided
being part of the in group was something i never enjoyed ( or even experienced!)
     how do my associates see through my veil....
why is it impossible to leave it behind..its insane

so even when you drag yourself up the life ladder ...
kicking and screaming from what you were born into..
really its to no... or very little avail
dont misunderstand..
 as its not about wether you succeed or fail
its more about what we see in the mirror
cus these people dont know my background!! 
      do really see through my veil. .(behind my smile...)
may be its just ME thats insane

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