Sunday, 14 May 2017

Cant I do the tadpole

So our very lovly yoga instructor said it would be a good idea to have a go at the frog pose Mandukasana
mandu: frog
asana: pose

Image result for frog pose cartoon      benefits include...stretching the inner thigh, groin and hip areas. Go slowly and don’t push your body beyond its limits.  ( she said )
well that wont be difficult because my limits seemed to be confined to being on all fours!!! ( i have a very long journey ) oh my days
and the pain...for days after.....
Image result for tadpole cartoon
Image result for frog pose cartoon
I have since suggested that my body may be more suited to the tadpole!!!!
my hips definitly dont want anything to do with a frog!!!
in any shape or form

a frog in your throat???  probably the best place for it 😉

Mandukasana (man-doo-KAHS-uh-nuh), also known as the Frog Pose, is a simple yet intensive pose that frees your spirit while alleviating back pain. Before attempting this pose, ensure your knees are warm and are able to bend completely. Start slowly, in child’s pose, to test your flexibility before beginning the pose. During each exercise, make sure to maintain a focus on your breathing. ( as described by )

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