Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Manchester....walk on

So another dark day for us all.. not just Manchester ...but England... Great Britain..United Kingdom...Europe..The World

This awful terrorist attack on innocent people will have affected us all...

Parents and families having to live with the reality that their loved ones..their babies...kissed them / hugged them and said goodbye to them for the last tie....the reality that they wil not be coming back

how do they move on from that....

well in solidarity Manchester stood defiant ...against these awful individuals who inflict terror and pain on innocent people

Beautiful acts of kindness and and compassion showed through
 people from all walks of life and all cultures....offered help
giving free taxi places to shelter....and more importantly gave their time and care to those who needed it

showing that the hatred of radicalised individuals will only strive to push people together and show solidarity stand together and not let them win      
Related image

This was the vigil attended by thousands in Manchester ( )
RIP victims of the Manchester terror attack

with hope and pride in your heart

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