Friday, 1 August 2014

Somethin caught my Eye Yesterday!!!!

Head off toward my nearest shoppin centre.....i'm a people watcher ( i was in for a treat )..and i do luv a li'l bit ov window shoppin......although i have got a holiday looming, so i may b temped to buy a few li'l bargains....if sumthin catches my eye.....!!!!!!!!!!
so i'm stood bhind this li'l old dear in the clothes shop.... ( no it wasnt my reflection!!! ) well i couldnt bleve my eyes.... she started to do these dance steps!!!  and she was really goin for was about now that she kinda remembered she was in the shop....and she whipped round and realised i was bhind probem for her she just moved a li'l bit further ova and carried on..... thought i was watchin summat out ov dirty dancin or full monty...pmsl....just brightens ye day..... — feeling amused.

And theres more.......

So on the way bak home pop into morrisons ....for sumthin for t.   (as u do ).  Not too busy, in and out......   On way out there is a car blockin the carpark....mmmm. someone has decided to load their shoppin into the boot and block the bloody exit!!!!  'errr get a grip there is a million and 1 places to load your car....y bblock the roaddddd'   On closer inspection, About a foot away from her rear!!!..I.notice its an old dear slowly placin her goodies into the boot...yep another one ( i think theym followin me!! ) haha and bleve me shes about 90 (evry credit ) i wait patiently ( errr..yes i did )..oh my dayz...then...a bag busts..yep cans rollin evry where..under the car etc....yep u guessed...i ad 2 get out and retrieve the cans from under the car !!!!! so handing them to her i said ' Wd u like me to give u a hand'  No   came the short reply.....i can manage !!!     Gotta luv em ent ya !!!! lmao. the reason i go out evry day — feeling useful.   or Not..........
Where's the Chardonnay...........

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