Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wot a week !!!!

Amazin Monday...I think....time will tellso i decided it was about time i tried something different!!!  In a career context!!  which is no mean feat at my age!!!! ( over half a century, well just about )

I spotted something on line thought that sounds interesting...i could do that....cant be to difficult.
So sent in the old CV...minus my age, obviously, and was amazed to get a phone call off some 1 who sounded lovly but sounded about as old as my youngest (13 !!! ),
'If u r still interested in the job u applied for we would like u 2 attend a group interview'
OMG i had an interview to attend...scary stuff...wot to to wear my hair..make-up...lippy....??????  oh yes and i will def need to research the company a li'l!!!   that always helps, so i've been told
Not surprisingly it was full of people who were not much older than my grandchildren....ok slight exaggeration......but they were def just out of school!!!Ice breakers done...couple of mental exercises ( wel i definitly gonna be ok with that!! if u get my drift ) and we cud go, with the assurance that they wud b in touch very soon...evry 1 politely offering each other u do.....fantastic it was.time for kwik exit and a chardonnay or 2......
My phone was ringing and I recognised the number...yes it was The Company.....Amazingly they were offering Me a second interview....WTF.....evry ! else must av decided not to bother!!!
So prep for 2nd interview....clothes makeup...etc  ( li'l glass of chardonnay !!).......sweaty palms to say the least......i wiped it kwikly on my lovly beige pencil skirt....before i finally shook the hands of the interviewers and sighed a big sigh of relief on the way down the stairs......( any one know how long u r supposed to hold on to their hand??????? seemed too long.  LMAO  ).... They'll be intouch.......they assured me...
And theres more!!!
Checked the phone several times...ok a thousand times!!!  time for bed exhausted zzzzzzzzzzzz
Sure enough next day phone ringing, recognised the number
If u r still interested we wud like 2 offer u the job
pik me self up off the floor steady meself and heard myself sayin 
'thank you very much...look forward to seeinggggg you'  in my very best voice....
Yep time for a Chardonnay
Wish me luck....(and wiv me  )

So i have done my 1st day which turned out to b a training day....head ready to explode with all the information that got throwed at us...( yes there was a couple of the others from the interviews that had also made it.....)  and it was the end of my 1st day........
time for a well earned glass ov Chardonnay!!!!

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