Sunday, 10 August 2014

Traumatic Tuesday!!!!

No work 2day.....

So my next official work day is wot 2 do 2day????

I am unfortunate enough 2 have a severe phobia.....
Of the Dentist!!!!  and due to the fact that i have had an on goin problem with several back teeth (6 months !!) have had to admit thaat they wil have to cum out,,,,to say that i was terrified was an dentist bless her accepts the fact that i am not a suitable candidate for an extraction in her surgery and refers me too the hospital...( yes i no...babies/children/old me!!!  have extractions at the i will apologise unreservedly for bein a blubbering fool )
So i've been for the relevant preops etc....pep talks where thy informed me that i will b sedated but not asleep!!!!!  NOT ASLEEP!!!!!   WTF  They r under no illusions that i do not believe them when they say i wil be calm and that i will probably not even no wots goin on.......WOT EVA!!!!
after calming me down ( to be honest they were all lovly )  i have agreed to cum in 2day and have it dun,,,,,
Terrified is an understatement and i can not believe that i av convinced myself to have it dun.....nutter cums 2 mind.blood pressure sky hi....heart beat doin a marathon!!!!!..i am actually convinced i cud DIE!!!!!!!
so amazingly i am not dead....feelin very strange to say the least, minus 3 teeth.....havin no memory of wot has happened for the last hour is weird to say the least ( not that i want 2 remember havin my teeth out!!! )   but very i am allowed to go with a few DO's and Dont's ( yes u guessed Chardonnay )
I did stop off for a nice latte on the way home ( so my husband informs me )  but an hour later and i cant remember that either.....driftin in and out of sleep all afternoon.....loosin a day is very strange......this sedation is sum good S**T.......


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