Monday, 11 August 2014

So i'm gonna b in the public eye!!!!!

Welcome to my first day.....

flappin about this shirt hair obviously does not go accordin to plan...the lipstick may b a touch too bright......probably gonna give the poor patients a fright!!!!!

A problem with parkin.....(even tho i'd dun a few dry runs...or drives!!!  lol on the laptop...) so looks like i might be doin a spot ov walkin (Good job i got an early start )
10am til 7pm was a bit ov a shocker to say the least....there was of course 50 mins for lunch!!!!! ( kind of beginning to grasp why i got the job ?????? )  
Staff seem very friendly....i think they feel sorry for me..... 'poor old fool!!!!'
Unbelievable amount of information to take on board.....will i ever remember anythin.......only time will this space

And now i got to find the way back to the carpark....this shud b fun cus i got no sense of direction!!!!!
shud of bought the Saft Nav into work wiv me!!!!!!   Oh my dayzzzzzzzz
Stroke of of my colleagues suggests i walk back with her cuz she thnks i cud b parked on the same carpark as her......mmmmm  cud this b a trap!!!!! lol  hey   wot av i got to loose....' Your life ...u old fool....')


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