Thursday, 16 April 2015

Very Hectic couple of dayz....keeps your mind active

So this is the mad few days before your hols
Buying all those essentials. 💳😞
👡👚👜👚👗👒💄👠.only to find when you get home that in your excitement you bought them yesterday much for being a savvy shopper 😈
Do i really need a different sun oil ( is it gonna make me more bronzed 😉....can i afford it?   Or afford not too !! 😲  😅)
Is this the hotel that has the lovly bathroom essentials etc   🚿🍸???
Or was that the other one   !!!
Phew  i wil definitely need a holiday after all this shopping !!!
How much luggage am I allowed ????

Please excuse my mobile blog....I m blogging on the go.....x

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