Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Eves dropping on the neighbours conversation

Accidently of course!!  ( what ? You think I'm nosey...pftttt )

One things that happens when we have the 1st beautiful day of the year, is that it gets the neighbours ( and their visitors ) out in the garden!!!!

And unfortunatley sound travels<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

Visitor ' You got a good couple of hours of sunshine left , you should get them out, let them get a bit ov sun '....
Other visitor.... 'Yes cus it helps to colour them up!!'

Neighbour. 'Mine r huge now...i always get em out if theres a bit ov sun.'
visitor ' yes you are right....they are bigger than thingies !!!

Still ent got a clue what they were talking about!!!!!   did make me chuckle tho.......quietly !!!

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