Thursday, 9 April 2015

#savvyshopper Elegant Touch Cuticle nippers

We all love a bargain and when its saving over £4 on an item that only costs that much!!


So  I am having a real problem with my nails and cuticles!!!
Yep old age or extra vitamins ...or both !!
 sorry if u r havin your breakfast

' Errrr  spose it cud av somethin to do with leaving my gel off and giving my natural nails a well earned rest from constantly being coated in gel and LED light...but now they are '

Either way I thought I need to invest in some cuticle nippers....
Yes i know some people frown on nippin ye cuticles!!!
Oh well

So back to the savvy shopper...I really was surprised to discover that Cuticle nippers are very expensive some as much as £30 !!!!

They havin a laugh
so true to form I was on a mission...
to cut a long story short...dont want to bore you with each step round the mall!!!
Boots Elegant Touch Cuticle Nippers £9.50
Superdrug Elegant touch Cuticle Nippers £4.09
No contest...and I even had enough change for a nice Costa

Have a great day .....

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