Saturday, 7 February 2015

Never really been a pasta lover !!! Italian lover...Yes....but not pasta !!!

So I'm going to give a pasta dish a chance.....

You got to admit this dish does not look that appetising.....but its got potential 

I recently saw a pasta dish being prepared on the tv and i got to say it looked delicious......and i want to hare it ith you....(no not my meal.....the )  ok   ok   u can share it !!!!

1.  cook long spaghetti in boiling water til  'a la dente'  ( "Al dente" is used to refer to food cooked so it is still "firm to bite" but not soft. )   

2. drain

3. cook diced pancetta/bacon/pepperoni (either of these can be used )  til crispy

4.  beat eggs and add a splash of olive oil/ veg oil etc and cheese and season with black pepper 

5.  add to spaghetti immediatley and stir.  

the heat from the cooked spaghetti will cook the egg mixture

6.  serve in warm dishes immediatley and sprinkle with coriander and parmesan/cheese  and crusty bread or ciabatta.....

Mamma mia.....

u can add other ingredients if you wish,,,,dried tomato , peppers, peas etc   


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