Monday, 2 February 2015

Everybody needs a good foundation...

So even after 30 year of wearing make-up.....I still find foundations slip off my face after about half an hour!!!!!

Yes I admit I do have an oily skin....but I am constantly blotting and powdering all day!!!!  It really is a nightmare... 
I dont wear loads and have tried several different techniques to prevent ol breaking through...all to no avail
I am amzed how some women look the same in the afternoon as when they left the house in the morning

So as you can imagine I tend to try anything that is suggested by friends/colleagues etc ( well you never know one of them might work!!!!! )   smile clipart

So I am trying this and so far so good.....Nice colour...nice to apply....not too heavy.....and it does seem to be stopping on longer.....

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