Monday, 14 July 2014

How was yours ?

mine was so good to me.....evrything i hoped it wud b....
( once i'd got my 2 sons, who r still at home, out for work and school !!! and theres more....but thats for another day )

Breakfast at Costa wiv my beautiful daughter and grandaughter  :) ...( we shud av shares in Costa ! )
bit of window shoppin and then bak to mine for more refreshments
oh yes and to make plans for an up and comin family birthday
Mine !!!

God help me cus i wil need it

where do u go with 10 incompatible adults 2 hi-chairs (wiv 2 very opinionated passengers !!) And space for a baby seat????
note 2 myself ....dont forget the tranquillisers ( oh yeah and the Chardonnay ) 
I can do this  :)

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